Fortech provides lighting design, electrical and mechanical consulting services. This includes designs for lighting, power, communication, life-safety, and emergency/back-up systems, as well as designs for HVAC, plumbing, and sprinkler systems. Our core focus are designs that consider all users, from the constructors to the clients, and their customers and employees.

We have been providing well thought-out designs since 2008. Our constant dialogue has always been “How will this be used?”, “How will this be constructed?” and “Is this reasonable?”. Through taking the time to consider how the space will be used, our designs are optimized to meet current and future needs.

We are very excited about what we do today, and where we are going tomorrow. We are constantly improving every aspect of what we do in order to provide more value.

Forward Thinking Technologies is the source of our name and the foundation of how we operate. We are the technical experts in our field and we can provide education on the options, technologies, and costs/benefits of every aspect of your project. We consistently deliver on what we understand to be best for the specific application. We provide proper consulting and design in an age when life-cycle analysis is paramount for maximizing profitability and minimizing lost opportunity costs.