Building Consulting Services

At Fortech, we are electrical engineers and designers for the building industry – specializing in lighting and power systems design. Our typical projects include commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, and multi-residential designs. We are capable of the following, and much more:

  • Daylighting Designs
  • Lighting Design
    • Site Lighting Plans for Site Plan Approval
    • Interior Lighting at all cost levels
    • Lighting Control Systems
  • Fire Alarm and Exit/Emergency System Design (true code compliance)
  • Energy Efficient Design
  • High Voltage System Design (up to 44kV)
  • Stand-by and Emergency Generators
  • Power Quality, Coordination Studies, Arc Flash Analysis
  • Value Engineering (cost and/or quality)
  • Building Condition Assessments and Design Consultation
  • Project Management and Construction Administration
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Solar System Design
  • Lighting and Product Consulting Services

Lighting Design

We bring value through our ability to design lighting systems that fit the specific needs of each project. We understand the complex aspects of lighting and can provide high value designs to optimize employee performance, energy efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Ultimately we design for return on investment.

Power Design

We look ahead when designing building power distribution systems, and ensure sufficient power for the present as well as any future expansions. The system should occupy as little space as possible while providing a long and useful life. Most importantly, it should save you money through low operating and maintenance costs. A well designed system providing clean power can enhance the lifespan and performance of end-user equipment, including computer, lighting, and other office/manufacturing equipment.

Quality of Service

We take your business very seriously, whether you are the project owner, consultant, or construction team. We understand your need to meet deadlines and we respect your budget constraints. We produce accurate, concise, and error-free design documents. Changes and construction errors resulting from poorly drawn engineering plans are expensive, and we strive to prevent them. Our design philosophy is to produce one set of drawings that contain all the necessary information for contractors to both price and build accurately.